How the World’s Most Successful Entrepreneurs Make the Most Out of their Vacation Time

Opting for entrepreneurship as a career path can certainly be one of the most rewarding adventures you decide to undergo. It can realize your wild dreams and novel ideas into a beautiful reality. However, it can also be the gate to numerous challenges you will face in your life on personal, mental, and physical levels as you gradually grow your abstract idea into a sustainable business.


As the journey gets tough, remaining focused becomes a challenge when your to-do list, team, clients and personal life all fight for your attention; experiencing these high levels of stress on a daily basis can cause fatigue resulting in a sudden drop in performance (i.e. an entrepreneur’s worst nightmare). To prevent this from happening, you need to schedule some downtime to help you rest, relax, and recharge.


Don’t worry, Vanilla has got you covered. This blog post features some of the ways the world’s most successful tech entrepreneurs, like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, plan their leisure time as busy entrepreneurs to get you inspired.


Seek an immersive Cultural Experience


Mark Zuckerberg always shoots for a purpose-driven vacation. Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan spent their vacation in Northern Maine where they hiked and spent some time getting to know the locals in the area including former mill workers, small business owners, teachers, a librarian, and a trucker at a restaurant in Bangor. Zuckerberg believes exposure to different cultures and ways of thinking can stimulate innovation.


Unplug and Enjoy the Sights

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos vacationing philosophy is summarized in “switch off work notifications and relax”. Bezos and his wife MacKenzie spent their vacation in Italy where they fully embraced the tourist within while visiting Rome’s Campo de’ Fiori market and the Piazza Navona fountains. Bezos thinks by unplugging, you entirely remove the need of having to be anywhere at any given time. This ideology allows you to really enjoy local culture, food, music, and architecture.


Go for an Athletic Activity

This is best demonstrated by Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle and the 7th richest man in the world with an estimated fortune at around $56bn according to Forbes. In 2000, he turned his money into boats when he founded Oracle Team USA, then personally won America’s Cup in 2010 and 2013 on behalf of the Golden Gate Yacht Club and the Defenders in 2017 in Bermuda. Moreover, he is a licensed aircraft pilot who owns two military jets. I guess this could fit your lifestyle if you tend to be a competitive person like Ellison here.



Leisure time is a very individual thing. Whether you decide to travel as your next brain stop or endorse a sport as a physical routine to detach from everyday chaos, remember to encompass relaxation as a critical item in your long list of priorities.




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