How AR is Getting Integrated across Social Media Platforms

As we all know, technological advancements in the 21st century are transforming the way humans think and interact with each other. One of these tech breakthroughs is Augmented reality, which currently became a critical subset for the progress of social media and most online platforms. Although there are numerous models illustrating this idea, we will name here only a few below to get you quickly acquainted with the concept:


  1. SNAPCHAT: – The currently trending social media application Snapchat is gaining fame day-by-day. Nowadays almost every teenager has this application in his/her mobile phone. Ever wondered what is so special or attractive about this application that it is so trending? 

The answer is quite simple, Augmented Reality. Now you might be thinking that what does AR has to do with a social media app or are they even related? Yes, indeed they are. 

Snapchat has this feature that uses AR to project an animated image that somehow relates to the user on the basis of information that Snapchat has on the user, and projects it on real-life objects on the user’s phone’s camera. Sounds interesting, right! In this way, Snapchat has been successful in grabbing the attention of every user and this has only been possible because of AR! 


  1. Facebook: – Just like Snapchat, Facebook is also using augmented reality as a tool to grab the people’s attention and has even been successful in doing so. Facebook also uses AR in a similar way to Snapchat and projects animated image on real life via user’s camera. 


    1. LipArtist: – LipArtist is a shopping brand that uses AR to promote its sales and to digitalize its products. What it really does is that when any customer visits the online website of LipArtist and search for some shades of lipstick, LipArtist uses AR and actually shows the user how would that shade actually look on them. Thus, if the customer likes the product, they can buy it online. Hence, helping in increasing sales as-well-as supplementing brand publicity!  


    Other than the ones mentioned above, there are more success stories that came into existence only because of AR. Therefore, you can definitely conclude that augmented reality will soon conquer countless social media platforms and online businesses.

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