Were the Places to Invest in 2019

In the following minutes, we will be discussing the 3 main places to invest:

A- You can invest in Gold as it’s a unique asset. Gold is no one’s liability and carries no counterparty risk. It is a mainstream asset driven by many factors. It provides competitive returns compared to other major financial assets; offering downside m m n protection & positive performance.
For example: The gold trader, Mr. Adel Hosny, invested 50,000 EGP and in 6 months gained a 500,000 EGP, that is an ROI of 900%

B- What happens to the economy is uncertain, but if there’s one thing we have the utmost control over, that is ourselves. This is why secondly we recommend investing in yourself. At the very minimum, you could commit to consuming more specific content related to the career. “Between books, audiobooks, podcasts, and YouTube or pursuing higher education. For instance, the iconic jewellery designer Azza Fahmy, was the first person in Egypt to train with the master craftsmen of Khan Khalili in person, advancing her skills by further studying in the UK and opened her first store in Egypt, by working on herself she’s now an iconic jewellery designer, providing jewellery for royal families and celebrities worldwide.

And the main investment which comes in the first place
C- Digital Marketing investment, digital world is the most effective way to reach the most customers. It allows you to reach the right audience, in the right time. Exponentially, translating in increased sales. It takes customer loyalty to the next level, customers stay connected to the company, an easy way to analyse and please each client, and helps to improve their experience. Digital marketing actions are measurable, unlike the impossibility to measure the direct impact of a billboard on sales. As an example Core Training and Consulting had achieved an ROI of 1200% in one month after investing in Digital Marketing.