Comparison Between Working Mothers in Egypt and America

In the light of Mother’s Day and Women’s Month we will be interviewing two mother’s in the workforce featuring and highlighting the differences between in Egypt and America.


We spoke with Dr. Lee Ann Laffey, a Cultural Diversity Professor at the University of Florida, and a CEO & Founder of Global Academic Scholar Services. And with Mrs. Radwa Fathi an Etiquette Trainer and Life Coach, from Egypt regarding work life and motherhood.

We asked them the same questions mentioned below; to portray and compare the differences of each culture.

  1. Could you tell us, what are the complications that you face in your career 
  2. How did you overcome these issues?
  3. In your experience do you think women feel intimidated in business?
  4. How do you achieve work-life balance?
  5. Is being a working mother frowned upon in your experience? Is it hard to maintain motherhood with professional life?
  6. What is the role that social media plays in business in your opinion?
  7. What advice will you give to Mother’s To Be, especially those who wish to become entrepreneurs?