Now you can talk to Einstein!

Imagine if you could talk to Einstein and ask him about his childhood.  How did he feel when his teacher said “It doesn’t matter what he does, he will never amount to anything.”? What was the turning point for his future?!

Now you can do it through the digital twin of Einstein which was engineered by our new client, AIQOM, the first AI nation in the world! 

AI Nowadays

Your mobile assistant, navigation apps, chatbots, shopping recommendations, and more!.. Every day we use artificial intelligence even if this stage of AI isn’t the most sophisticated. The economic and social effects of AI are evidence that AI will shape another present and build a better future in various aspects of life. We can feel the strength of the impact of artificial intelligence when we talk about its role in reducing the COVID19 epidemic and we can also imagine how powerful it will be when we know that the AI scientists said that AI would be able to detect the coming pandemic before it happens by 10 years!! This advanced notification period would give the world enough time to take suitable precautions and maybe even prevent the pandemic!

Future is Now

When we say the future, you might think of flying cars, ionic transportation, and other fantasy scenes that come up in the movies and cinema about the future. But the reality is that the AI future is starting now. The next few years will see a change in most aspects of life, jobs will disappear and new ones will appear. You will get many features that you did not have in the past, you will even be able to create your own smart digital twin that could complete some of your tasks! Who knows what else could happen!

People are the key!

If you want to live in the future, you definitely won't like being alone!

That’s why the coming future is yours, and you’re the one who should work to build the future you are dreaming of. Don’t know how to start? 

Well, it was a problem in the past, a challenge that may have kept you away from the future of your dreams. But now, it has completely changed!

Thanks to AIQOM, you can currently increase your knowledge about AI even if you don’t have any previous knowledge. Learn about it and empower yourself with AI in your career then practically start to change the world and build your AI project! Connect with other people that share the same interests, sell your inventions, and more!

All this can be achieved across one platform that is engineered to be an integrated community for people who seek to build a better future by artificial intelligence. Here you can have a closer look at AIQOM:


AIQOM is not only a nation, it represents a hub that gathers AI Academy, lab, marketplace and more..

  1. AI Academy

Multilingual programs and courses that range from the essentials of Professional and AI Leadership programs to the  technical Deep Learning & Data Science skills track and career paths. The courses cater to everyone including students, professionals and entrepreneurs regardless of whether they are developers or non-coders!

  1. Virtual AI Lab

The world’s first multilingual community-driven virtual AI Lab. A simple yet powerful code-free AI Lab that enables everyone to create, experiment, deploy and explore AI models and applications to solve real-life problems. 

  1. AI Marketplace

A decentralized open market for developers and non-tech citizens to explore, publish and monetize digital data and AI assets.

AI Citizenship

To enjoy this world, you would become a member!

AIQOM is a nation that has a mission to empower each of its citizens with AI. It only takes a few minutes to become a citizen and unleash your potential  in the AI world. 

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