Efficiency Hacks: 3 Creative Methods to Capture Quality Leads on a Low Budget

As Vanilla is a B2B company, we are always on the quest to discover novel methods to obtain leads. We need to do more than hunting referrals, cold calling, and sponsoring events since quality content is fundamental to our entire marketing strategy.

There is a ton of buzz around lead capture. Sales strategies, analytical tools, and targeted content pieces are tirelessly upgraded to match with the potential clients’ interests. Amid the endless fight for clients’ attention, numerous businesses beg the question of how you can capture high-quality leads.

With leads that are 3 times more qualified, for example, the sales of any social media channel will soar. These leads are of utmost priority when executing any form of targeted outreach, whether email or ad campaigns. In this article, we are going to demonstrate 3 effective methods to seal as many leads as your business
can possibly handle.

1. Crash Into Hot Social Media Groups:

For B2B businesses, LinkedIn groups tend to have the highest potential for generating new clients while B2C businesses have the best results with Facebook groups. Hunt for the biggest/most active 3 groups addressing your target market and observe the posts that spark the readers’ engagement. Diligently read the comments and see how they respond. At the very least, the people who are interacting have a fair amount of interest in the presented topics and are a good viable sample you can work on.

Next, write a deal-breaker of an article to grab those people’s attention and lead them into a powerful landing page that can seal their interest with an attractive opt-in offer they can’t resist. The landing page must include a CTA that urges people to give their email address to download some valuable content. For that, a PDF hack sheet (branded with your company’s logo) to do whatever these leads are interested in will do the job perfectly. In case you are short on time, hiring a freelancer with a set fee to fulfill this task also works well.
How do you know what will be this attractive to your leads? Well, you didn’t spend this time reading the posts and comments in that LinkedIn group for nothing.

The final step is to then promote the post within the group. Instead of posting it yourself as a new member with no credibility yet, ask the group owner if they can handle that for you. Send the admin a carefully curated offer asking them to publish your post in their name in exchange for something they want (e.g. discount coupons for your courses as a giveaway for 10 members of the group, so the owner can leverage it as a competition prize, for example).

2. “With-the-Flow” Form Mills:

One of the most leveraged yet effective methods to capture leads is opt-in offers. The principle is simple and unified; the applications are endless. All you have to do is think of an enticing offer taking into consideration the service/product you are offering and the nature of the lead you are targeting. The campaign that captured the lead would be critical to consider as well since it gives you a hint of the objective your lead is interested in.

Is your current lead interested in evaluating more about your service so a demo/webinar offer is best? Or is your lead looking for quality content so a newsletter opt-in would be more appropriate at this stage?

Keep in mind that you must make the process “with-the flow”. In other
words, the offer has to popup should pose minimal friction so your lead
actually enters their email, whatever fill-your-email-form tactic you use.

3. Using Tools that Help:

App.vanillasm.com, the tool made by us to help you in finding emails, enriching your data, sending emails, installing a chatbot or a social prof widget, it offer you multiple software to generate leads and help you grow your business.

Clearbit, which is a powerful B2B lead data enrichment service. It aids you in understanding your clients so you can fine-tune your future marketing/sales interactions to capture even more quality prospects.

You can also automate the lead data transfer with a service like Zapier so you focus your efforts and time on the campaigns.

List Builder by SumoMe is a free yet powerful tool for adding professional popups to your website. It’s ridiculously easy to get started and you have the ability to fully customize the popup with advanced drag-and-drop functionality, including text, font, and colors for your background and text offer so you can brand your company’s color. List Builder also features “Smart Mode” technology, which shows your popup at the precise moment before your lead leaves.

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