Chatbots - Your Personalized Helping Hand!

Chatbots are currently one of the most trending factor in the digital marketing industry. If you’re not familiar, think of them as a tool on the other side of a computer that can respond to your customers’ questions or comments. Chatbots are used for engagement, customer service issues, general questions and even closing business. Fascinating right!

Chatbots basically work on the principle of Artificial Intelligence and are often designed to convincingly simulate how a human would behave as a conversational partner.

So why are chatbots really needed?

Chatbots are essential in today’s world because due to digitalization, people need someone whom they can trust and if they hear an automated robotic voice over the cellphone, it then might not create a friendly feeling in their mind. Hence, by a chatbot as it is almost impossible to differentiate whether it is an automated voice talking or a human being, keeps the consumers interest and strive to better customer satisfaction.

What are the major types of chatbots?

From business perspective, there are 3 different types of chatbots:

  • Support Chatbots: – These types of bots are used to handle a single domain like knowledge about a company. It is used to handle various FAQs and should be able to walk the user through the major business previews or about the product they are looking for.

So it needs a short term as well as long term solutions.


  • Skill Chatbots: – These types of bots are more kind-of single turn bots that do not require any contextual awareness. They have limited set commands and just need to follow them to make our lives easier like by the commands: ‘’Turn on the lights.’’


  • Assistant Chatbots: – These types of bots comes somewhere between both the support and the skill bots. What this bot does is usually like when the user gives a command, it will go to the support bot and come up with a response. These bots are thought to be having ample of potential to rise in coming future as even if it uses the other bots, the type of responses are quite amusing hence people tend to come back again-and-again to them.


Siri is a good example, as even if she only does so much that people comes back to her even though she cannot do those commands on her own.


The Facebook messenger and hike messenger even released a bot for the platform that will feature top news stories, election alerts and Olympic coverage offering readers a new, on-demand way to access the daily news. The user can engage with the bot by sending a simple “hi” message, and the bot will respond with command options.

Hence, we might not realize it but chatbots play a vital role in making our lives easier; be it buying clothes online or ordering food through an application or maybe just helping us get to the correct path via Google maps or maybe by giving us a walkthrough to the trending fashions in any fashion brand and in many more other ways. Thus, we might even notice but the bots will start increasing our conversions and thus will definitely increase the rate of interest of customer towards our product.

And there is also a saying that:

“A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was human.”

                                                                                                                -Alan Turing

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