Why Digital Marketing & Real Estate go hand-in-hand?

24 Jun

In this newly paced world where the lifestyle and thinking of people is changing at an extensive scale, it implants an effect on all the other things and how they used to work, same is the case with Real Estate. In the real estate business, the way things used to work and the way things work now are completely different.

In the old times people used to make connections on their own by calling those who they think might be potential customers and do the long manual process in searching for potential buyers, but now in the 21st century, things have taken a complete different turn. Things have become digitalized and if people too didn’t change with time, then they might be left behind with nothing but despair in their hands.

The Real Estate agents need to fight the “Yellow Pages Syndrome” where one maintains something well past its used by date only because it is comfortable and familiar with using it. There is no going backwards to the good old days, because the consumers have already moved forward. So, you need to have the old adage “jump into the deep end of the pool and learn to swim quickly or drown”. No one can afford to be left behind and allowing their business to suffer. There has to be a “no more” to doing things because this is the way it has always been done. Many of the old methods of marketing cannot be effectively monitored as to performance and are maintained only by convincing oneself that it is working, because you want it to work. The new adage is if it can’t be monitored than it is of no use. Monitoring is not like the reports that you can receive from the portals that inform you of 15 enquiries but you have heard from no one.

Hence, in such cases digital marketing comes into play. What digital marketing actually does is that it opens the gates of the insanely wide markets for everyone. Thus, whenever any individual searches for any real estate property, they encounter numerous sites available via different agents and hence one can choose wisely and compare their rates properly.

According to a survey, 68% of people all over the world search for the property over internet, hence this number can tell us about how important digital marketing is in present scenario! And to support us in the complete process, digital marketing has various strategic planning & tools like Contactually, etc.

Contactually is an online application which helps us in maintain our connection with our once a client and to be future clients. What it actually does is that it gains access to your contacts and asks you to distribute each of those contacts into different types or boxes and hence will remind you periodically to keep in touch with them so as to aim for future conversions. Interesting right!

Thus, digital marketing & Real estate go hand-in -hand and if properly used together can be a fruitful business to the user.

There’s a very famous saying regarding this, which states that,

“Be strong enough to put the past behind you and embrace the new ways with enthusiasm.”


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