How to make your Brand popular in the crowded Digital Age?

13 Aug

Digital platforms such as Facebook are increasingly incorporated into marketing plans and daily life. That is why digital marketing has becoming the most efficient and significant way of commercial targets.

So, what are the benefits of digital marketing?

  1. Your products will not be limited by space and capital. With online shop, customers can have unlimited space of choice.

  2. Personalized Service. You can segment your customers according to their interests and habits and recommend your products personally.

  3. Low cost. Advertising on internet can shorten the time but have more targeted readers.

  4. More flexible market. The kinds, price and marketing program of products can be changed according to customer needs and recent situation. Also, Internet can break out the limitations of time and traditional media, to maximum the innovation of marketer.

However, larger market will also bring more changes. To combat with it, various brands are beginning to take actions. According to, 84% of marketers planned on executing at least one influencer marketing campaign during 2017, and businesses generate $6.50 for every $1 invested in influencer marketing. Clothing and beauty brands have had great success with using micro influencers and major celebrities for a while now.

Of course, consumers are a big part of influencer marketing, as well. While it is not competitive enough to just inform customers of the products. Think the Starbucks White Cup Contest and Coca- Cola’s Share a Coke campaign. This type of user-generated content allows brands to make consumers a part of the brand story and buyer experience.

One example: Amazon added a self-service tool for social media influencers to its Influencer Program. The program gives influencers the opportunity to build a page on Amazon with a dedicated vanity URL to show their followers the products they recommend. This makes it easier to share and shop product recommendations—and earn money while doing it.

Consumers, especially younger ones, prefer content that feels less “staged” and more natural. Subtle sponsored content that feels and looks organic promoted by influencers is extremely effective. Nearly 95 percent of marketers who currently use an influencer marketing strategy believe it is effective.

Engage customers in the brand story and do not let them be outsiders and this may help you win in this crowded Digital Age.