Bots 101: Everything You Need to Know about the World of Bot Marketing (Click to Claim Your Reward)

09 Jun

Since the 1990’s and technology has been evolving at impressive rates impacting every decision we make on a daily basis including shopping decisions. Social media platforms opened the door for brands to adopt an integrated approach to marketing that takes into account a user’s entire lifestyle utilizing location-based data, online and social media activity to create a personalized promotional message. However, there is an increasingly growing trend that is expected to revolutionize the world of Digital Marketing once again, namely Bot Marketing.


But, what are Bots?


Well, according to the internet, an Internet Bot (also known as a web robot, WWW robot or simply a bot) is a software application you can program to perform an automated set of actions on its own. Setting up bots to perform different tasks can definitely save you a lot of time and they are much cheaper than hiring a personal assistant. It’s important to note, that bots are still a fairly new trend in the tech world thus, it’s future potential and possibilities are still being explored.


Bot, Meet Marketer. Marketer, Meet Bot.


It is fair to say that Bots and Digital Marketers started off on the wrong foot because Bots have been typically associated with bringing fake traffic to a company’s website by altering page views or clicking on ads. However, due to recent developments many marketers are calling for the integration of bots into the business overall communication strategy.


Chat Bots currently represent the meeting point between the world of Internet Robots or Bots and Marketing. More brands are integrating bots into their different communication channels, utilizing the tools built by social networking sites such as Facebook to connect with their customers and improve targeted ads.


This is beautifully illustrated by Spring, a clothing brand that is using chat bots to create a conversation with its customers acting like a personal shopping assistant recommending different items, and tailoring specific promotional opportunities to certain customers. In addition to that, these conversation act like a reference point for marketers to improve future targeted promotional campaigns.


Spring is just a simple example that doesn’t quite capture the vast potential of Artificial Intelligence applications represented by AI’s such as IBM’s Watson ( which recently managed to learn video editing and edited an entire movie; AlphaGO, ( the best GO player in the world developed by DeepMind; and AceBot ( which offers a number of enterprise solutions that allows you to track your expenses, manage your To-Do’s, tasks and polls and integrates with Slack, Teams, Messenger and Web Chat.


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